ARC Demo Days

Early last year we partnered with American River College (ARC ) to get some awesome paid interns to move Harmony Legal forward through a program they were offering the community. We were the first to take advantage of the program and introduced the McClellan Innovation Center to the program which has been able to engage up and coming developers to some cool projects like XYO.

ARC threw a “Demo Day” to show off some of the cool projects that students have been working on to demonstrate to donors the value of their donations. We were able to show how their donations are brining some awesome changes to the legal industry while engaging students in emerging technology and giving them the opportunity to work on a project that furthers their understanding of complex web applications.

While we had the opportunity to show off what we are up to, it was super fun to browse some of the other projects being done through the ARC Design Hub. We saw some virtual reality implementations, some artificial intelligence projects, and my favorite is the robotics.

If you’re ever in Sacramento, check out the ARC Design Hub! Tell Randy we said, “Hi!”


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