Law Firm Practice Management Solution

A ground-breaking, 2018 award-winning, cloud-based law firm practice management solution that works for you.

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Exclusive Features

Increase your bottom line by taking on more cases and working less


Case Types

Define your case types, then start a new case with all the files, forms, questionnaires, emails, and steps you need laid out for you. Continuous updates for steps keeps you on top of things and makes you look good!


Pre-Defined PDFs

Store your frequently used PDFs in a secure global company store. Pre-define where the data comes from —database, questionnaires, forms — and then attach them to cases and have them auto-fill when you need them.


Questionnaires & Forms

Create simple or complex decision trees to pre-qualify and screen clients by anyone in the office. Flag responses and make educated decisions. Forms collect detailed data on clients or cases for discovery.

Major Functionalities

Harmony Legal is chock-full of awesomeness! Here are a few features we think are pretty cool.

Billing with Integrated Payment Plans, and Credit Card Processing

Billing with Integrated Payment Plans, and Credit Card Processing

No more convoluted billing procedures. No more trying to match bills with clients. Each client screen has a quick overview of the account billing status as well as quick add, quick payments, last payments, split payments, partial payments, payment plans, and more!

Integrated Forms & Questionnaires

Integrated Forms & Questionnaires

You ask the same questions over and over. Now anyone can ask the questions. Build your forms or select from our library of qualification forms and get the answers you need from your clients.

Secure File Manager

Secure File Manager

All files are securely encrypted at rest and securely transferred when you need them. Don’t let files dangle around on employees computers where anyone could steal your data. Keep them encrypted and secure.


More Awesomeness

Oh Yeah! The features just keep coming...


Track employee time. Track billable tasks. Approve or deny time entries.

Expense Reports

Submit expense reports. Upload or email receipts and they are auto-attached to your request. Attach to a case as a billable. Approve or deny expense requests.


Google Calendar Integration for scheduling appointments. Appointments are attached to clients and cases. Flag "no-shows".

Email Creator

Create and send professional emails from within Harmony Legal. Replies are auto-attached to the case.

Email Creator

Additional features you can ask us about include: Case Management, Client Management, Note Management, Step Management, Timesheets, Vacations Requests and Management, Expense Reports and Approvals, Payment Plans, Flags, Appointments and Google Calendar Integrations, Alarms, Permission Control, Email Creator and Sender, Account Tracking, Secure Internal Chat.

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Base Price $79/user
Hoppa License $29/user
Billing & Invoicing $19/user
Tasks & Assignments $29/user
Ticklers & Reminders $39/user
Intake Forms $5/user
Tagging System $15/user
Custom Payment Plans $7/user
Chat $5/user
Credit Card Processing $13/user
Email Support Free
Google Calendar Integration $15/user
Cloud File Storage $5/user + $0.20/GB/Month
All Standard Features Included
Dedicated Account Manager Included
Dashboard Charts and Admin Tools Included
Productivity Boards with Weighted Metrics Included
Reporting Included
Multiple Firm Profiles Additional Cost
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